Maternity sessions usually make me a little uncomfortable because I don’t do them that often and the posing can sometimes be tricky. I have several maternity sessions scheduled over the next few weeks, so I am excited to learn more and hopefully become more comfortable with these types of sessions!

I did a maternity session this evening for a beautiful girl and her husband. It was so fun and they made the posing and trying new things very easy. They laughed through some of the awkwardness and made it a very enjoyable session!


These two laughed throughout the session and even though there were crazy mosquitos during this picture, they fought through it like champs and the pictures came out beautiful!


Maternity sessions allow for couples to capture moments like these before their new baby arrives and these get crazy!


Finding natural areas with beautiful textures makes getting pictures like this so much easier!


You could feel the love these two had for each other during our entire session. It was the sweetest.


I love this location so much! Lighting can be tricky when the seasons are changing, but the lighting here is perfect all the time!



Aren’t the flowers and this girl just gorgeous?


Pregnancy suits her, don’t ya think? I can’t wait to meet her new baby and capture the first moments when he arrives!

Pennington Maternity

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