In December of 2016, I was 16 weeks pregnant. I went to my 16 week checkup and there was no heartbeat. I had lost my sweet baby boy before I even had the chance to know him. To help cope, I searched for facebook groups to help me learn to cope with the pain of losing a baby. I found a page called Harmony’s Breath. This was a lady from our area that had suffered her own tragic loss and started the facebook page to help other grieving moms. This page helped so much to just see a daily quote that always seemed to hit right when I needed it the most.

Fast forward to a year and a half later, I talked back and forth with a woman about doing a Fresh 48 for her. Come to find out, she is the founder of Harmony’s Breath. I was so excited to come full circle and to be able meet her and capture these moments of her new sweet baby boy.


Their oldest son, Greyson, was so excited to come in and see his new baby brother. Just look at his face. He was so proud.


Being able to capture all the details of new squishy babies is the best. The squinty eyes, squishy cheeks, and perfect skin is just too much cuteness not to be photographed.


I love getting pictures of siblings and their natural reactions to what all is going on in the hospital.


I love the natural light that most hospital rooms offer. It allows me to capture the baby in beautiful lighting without having to disturb the baby with harsh lighting or moving them.


There is no Fresh 48 session that is complete without getting a picture of those perfect little baby toes!


This family was one of the funniest, most genuine families I’ve ever been able to work with and I will forever be grateful for her role in my personal healing from loss. Thank you, Erica, for allowing me to be a part of this special occasion!

Jones Fresh 48

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